Things I’ll do differently next year…

I’m starting to get excited about the next academic year. Is this normal?

I just can’t help being enthused by the thought of fresh starts, new classes, new modules to teach, new pupils and new challenges. I love that I get to have this new year buzz in the middle of the calendar year too; it’s so much easier to be positive & optimistic when the sun is shining than in mid-winter!

So, I am starting myself a to do list for next year, so I can keep track of all my proposed good intentions. Here goes:

  • Fully integrate Moodle into my own working practice & then encourage full department participation
  • Research Masters courses for 2011
  • Make my SmartBoard my new best friend – get to grips with the software upgrade & use it! (Not long had it fully operational so have got out of habit of using it.)
  • Go to the annual NATE conference & any regional events where possible
  • Build up my PLN – attend TeachMeets, participate fully in #ukedchat on Twitter, learn lots generally from networking with other teachers
  • Build on the Kagan training I attended this year
  • Launch the ESB qualification
  • Start up the A Level Book Club
  • Make it a habit to share web-based ideas/innovations with rest of my dept at our meetings

I was thinking I’d keep this in draft form and add to it until complete, however I think there is more of an incentive in publishing it and then adding to it.

So, my new academic year’s resolutions. I cannot wait to get started!

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