CVs: do you update regularly?

In a past life I worked in recruitment. Helping candidates with their CVs was all in a day’s work for me. As a result, I updated my own frequently.

Since I have moved in to teaching I have found myself neglecting my CV and yet I am now in a profession where I probably get more opportunity to complete CPD activities than ever before. I keep a log of all my CPD and training activities. So why then do I not keep adding them to my CV? I fear I have become somewhat lazy. I’m in a job I love and am not currently looking elsewhere for opportunities.

But that is no excuse.

So, this morning I have been updating my CV. It’s surprising just how much I have to add after three years of teaching: courses attended, professional association memberships, new responsibilities, modules taught etc. I feel this will stand me in good stead should I wish to apply for promotion at my current school or elsewhere. It also just makes me feel better knowing it’s up-to-date – old recruitment consultant habits clearly die hard!

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