New Academic Year Resolutions

I do this every year.

Will I stick to them this year?

The list:

1) To use my planner effectively & efficiently – I tend to start well and slack.
2) To try and do the majority of my marking (KS3 & 4 anyway) at school rather than bringing it all home – last year was hard work, I want to make my marking this year much more efficient.
3) To blog once a week – I think blogging will help in my quest to reflect and improve on my teaching.
4) To ensure my Year 9 classes make progress in both their learning and behaviour.
5) To try and establish a workable work/life balance: the holy grail!

I’ll probably add to the list as the new year gets ever closer…

In edit:

29/8/11 – I’m not happy about resolution number 4; obviously I want all my classes to make progress, but my first term’s focus will be on my two Year 9 groups in particular. I believe that making progress will have a positive effect on their self-esteem and, as a result, their behaviour.

I’m also adding:

6) To make weekly positive phone calls home to parents/carers.

5 thoughts on “New Academic Year Resolutions

  1. Thank you for writing these! It’s almost like you read my mind – such succinct and straightforward resolutions but we know how difficult they are to stick to! I’ll look forward to reading your weekly blog and seeing how you get on with your resolutions!

  2. Can I suggest you try Interactive Fiction too? Trying to recruit 50 teachers to try IF – software is free and its a great creative writing platform PLUS great professional development too. Learn with your students? Or just ahead of them if it suits your style.

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