About dailydenouement

I teach English Language and Literature in a secondary school in the north west of England. My school is a comprehensive school and I teach across Key Stages 3 to 5. I’m fortunate to work as part of a great departmental team and currently have the role of Acting Curriculum Leader for English.

I have recently completed a term as Progress Leader for Year 12. Pastoral leadership was a challenge. It gave me an insight into a completely different side of school life.

Teaching is my second career, having first had a foray into the world of fashion retail management via HR and Corporate Training. I love what I now do and am looking to improve my practice every day.

My blog is a personal one: these are my thoughts and not that of my department or my school.

2 thoughts on “About dailydenouement

  1. Hey, we are pretty similar! I’m at a Catholic comp too (having moved there from the private sector after 6 years in it) and teach English. Thanks for following me on Twitter. I’m a bit erratic on it, to be honest – you know how it is. I was a medical secretary before I trained to teach (at 40!) Nice to meet you.

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