Writers’ Club

I’m on a mission to start a Key Stage 3 writers’ club this year. My intention is to run it on a weekly basis during a lunch hour.

I used to love creative writing at school and I just don’t feel we do enough of it with our students now. I don’t want to be levelling their writing all the time; I want them to love the idea of crafting a piece of writing for its own sake.

A plea on twitter via #ukedchat has pointed me in the direction of the NaNoWriMo website http://www.nanowrimo.org/ and also suggested half termly themes or tailoring it around available writing competitions.

Much food for thought already, but I would welcome any more suggestions!

29/8/11: I’ve done some digging and found the following website with lots of writing competitions http://www.prizemagic.co.uk/html/writing_comps.htm Not all of them will be appropriate but they might give us a focus to start.