New Academic Year Resolutions

I do this every year.

Will I stick to them this year?

The list:

1) To use my planner effectively & efficiently – I tend to start well and slack.
2) To try and do the majority of my marking (KS3 & 4 anyway) at school rather than bringing it all home – last year was hard work, I want to make my marking this year much more efficient.
3) To blog once a week – I think blogging will help in my quest to reflect and improve on my teaching.
4) To ensure my Year 9 classes make progress in both their learning and behaviour.
5) To try and establish a workable work/life balance: the holy grail!

I’ll probably add to the list as the new year gets ever closer…

In edit:

29/8/11 – I’m not happy about resolution number 4; obviously I want all my classes to make progress, but my first term’s focus will be on my two Year 9 groups in particular. I believe that making progress will have a positive effect on their self-esteem and, as a result, their behaviour.

I’m also adding:

6) To make weekly positive phone calls home to parents/carers.